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ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services

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NATA Accredited Laboratory Testing

Click here to see the list of our NATA-accredited tests (direct from https://nata.com.au).

ExcelPlas operates a fully equipped modern plastics testing laboratory for a wide range of polymer and plastics testings.

such as:

  • mechanical testing (tensile, tear, puncture, impact etc.)
  • chemical analysis (DSC, FTIR, gravimetric ashing, filler ID, etc.)
  • microscopic analysis (digital microscopy, optical microscopy)
  • durability testing (oven ageing, QUV exposure, immersion)
  • oxidative stability testing (OIT, HP-OIT, carbonyl index)
  • physical testing (density, melt flow rate, carbon black content, carbon black dispersion)
  • cable insulation and cable sheathing (Oxidative Induction Time)

Download our latest testing menu here (updated 2015.04.20)

Testing & Analysis

ExcelPlas Polymer Testing
Laboratory Accreditation Number 17149
Accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025

ExcelPlas testing laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We perform most ASTM methods on plastics including:
Tensile Properties ASTM D 6693
Tear Strength ASTM D 1004
Puncture Resistance ASTM D 4833
Melt Flow Rate ASTM D 1238
Flexural Properties ASTM D 790
Density ASTM D 792
Thermal Analysis using DSC/OIT ASTM D 3418/3895
Durometer Hardness ASTM D 2240
Stress Cracking Resistance ASTM D 5397
Reversion of Pipes AS/NZS 1462.4
Pigment Dispersion AS/NZS 1462.28
CBR Burst Strength AS 3706.4
Puncture Resistance - Drop Cone Method AS 3706.5


 Contact us for any polymer analysis, or geomembrane testing you require.

NATA Accredited
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