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Composite Testing


At ExcelPlas, our composite testing experts are competent in ASTM and ISO testing of composites and have several years of experience in testing composites and nanocomposites (e.g. GFRP, CFRP, CNT-RP, etc.), thermoset and thermoplastic resins, films and adhesives.

As the leaders in Material Characterization, QA/AC, and Failure Analysis, we have the ability to produce accurate and fast results using state-of-the-art testing equipment.

The services offered by our NATA-accredited test laboratories in Melbourne, Australia are independent and confidential.



Chemical Characterization

·         Oxygen Index (ASTM D2863)

·         Acetone Test (EPT78)

·         FTIR (ASTM E1252, E168)

·         VOC (ASTM D3530)

·         Chemical Compatibility (ASTM D543)

·         EDAX Analysis

Mechanical Characterization

·         Tensile - Composite Materials (ASTM D3039, ASTM D7205)

·         Tensile - Reinforced Thermosetting Plastics (ASTM D5083)

·         Tensile - Sandwich Constructions (ASTM C297)

·         Ply Adhesion - Composites (ASTM F904)

·         Ply Adhesion - Geo-composites (ASTM D7005) 

·         Flexural (ASTM D7264)

·         Izod Impact Test - Notched (ASTM D256)

·         Izod Impact Test - Unnotched (ASTM D4812)

·         Fatigue (ASTM D3479)

Physical Characterization

·         Hardness - Barcol (ASTM D2583)

·         Hardness - Shore D (ASTM D2240)

·         Burn Test (ASTM D1603, ASTM D 3171, ASTM D2584)

·         Gel Time (ASTM D2471, ASTM D3532)

·         Void Content (ASTM D2734)

·         Thickness of corrosion barrier (ASTM D4762)

·         Abrasion (ASTM D4060)

·         QUV (ASTM G154, ASTM D4329, D4587, ISO 4892)

·         Flammability (UL 94)

·         Solids Content (ASTM D3529)

·         Density (ASTM D792)

Thermal Characterization

·         DSC - Tg  (ASTM D5028, ASTM D7426)

·         DSC – Melting/Crystallization (ASTM D3418)

·         DSC - OIT (ASTM D3012)

·         TGA (ASTM D6370)

·         Heat Deflection (ISO 75)

·         Thermal Expansion


Failure Analysis

ExcelPlas is able to conduct failure analysis of composite materials using sophisticated techniques including:

·         X-Ray Microscopy Facility for Imaging Geo-materials (XMFIG)

and Ultrasonic analysis including:

·         Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS)

·         Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD)



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